Available courses

Start Sailing Level 1 is an excellent introduction to sailing for beginners. The course includes background knowledge presented in the online modules as well as practical sailing experience on the sea in our 22ft keelboat. Topics include: reaching, tacking, gybing, man overboard, rules of the road, 5 essentials, knots, parts of the boat, sails and ropes as well as weather forecasts and important safety advice. 

After level 1, we recommend you complete the beginners sailing course with Level 2 Basic Skills, another 2-day course.

The second stage of the beginner’s learn to sail course.

This 2-day course includes new theory modules on: tidal awareness, reefing, anchoring, sailing on & off a mooring, synoptic charts, racing and 3 more knots.  And the practical sessions provide further opportunity to gain confidence in the basic sailing skills introduced on Level 1.

Better Sailing creates an opportunity to practice and consolidate everything presented during the two beginner level courses. The syllabus allows for various optional topics as well. Bay Sea School focuses on the fantastic tidal experience Morecambe Bay offers to develop tidal sailing skills. Other modules include: basic navigation, IRPCS (collision regulations), weather, rudderless sailing and sail shape.